In Studio at WNRN Volume 11

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The live performances selected for In Studio at WNRN Volume 11 reflect the diversity in programming that WNRN is proud to bring to you on the airwaves every day. Volume 11 includes a wide range of sounds, genres, artists, and venues spanning Charlottesville, Richmond, and Lynchburg. You’ll even hear an acoustic performance recorded outside at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Your generous support combined with our efforts to discover new music and deliver quality programming is what makes this possible. So the next time you tune us in, wherever that may be, know that your generosity continues to keep us moving into the future of good music.

Album art by Steve Haske.

Track List

49 Winchester “Damn Darlin'” 3:52

Overcoats “New Suede Shoes” 2:46

Flipturn “Playground” 2:51

Rob Cheatham & Co. “I Never Threw Away My Radio” 3:51

Samia “Honey” 3:27

The Kody Norris Show “I Called Her Sunshine” 3:01

Metric “All Comes Crashing” 4:20

American Aquarium “Chicamacomico” 3:34

Courtney Marie Andrews “Loose Future” 3:41

Dogwood Tales “Hold You Again” 3:16

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers “Talkin’ To Myself” 2:36

Josh Ritter “For Your Soul” 2:13

Illiterate Light “Light Me Up” 4:11

Kenneka Cook “Drinking Spirits” 2:49

Thee Sacred Souls “Love is the Way” 3:22

Myron Elkins “Hands To Myself” 3:14

Tre. Charles “Lately.” 3:24

Angel Olsen “Dream Thing” 3:25

Goose “Hungersite” 4:19

Sports Team “The Drop” 3:08

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New Signal in Harrisonburg

WNRN is excited to announce that we are increasing our signal power, consistency, and coverage of Harrisonburg!

Beginning June 13, 98.9FM will be Harrisonburg’s new home for WNRN.

Help spread the word about WNRN’s new signal in Harrisonburg!

Each stamp you collect at https://wnrn.loyalbrew.com will enter you to win a pair of tickets to next year’s Red Wing Roots Music Festival and completing three will get you the new WNRN Harrisonburg sticker.
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In-Studio Session with Lauren Morrow and Joshua Hedley

Lauren Morrow and Joshua Hedley stopped by WNRN’s Charlottesville studio for an In-Studio Session before their co-headlined show at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall.
Check out the full audio and video of the session below!

Lauren Morrow Full Audio

Joshua Hedley Full Audio

Lauren Morrow Videos

Joshua Hedley Videos


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NON-COMMvention 2023

NON-COMMvention returns as an in-person gathering on May 2-5, 2023 at World Cafe Live.

Get an inside look at the premier annual industry conference for non-commercial triple-A radio stations, NON-COMMvention, and enjoy live performances from Josh Ritter, Hannah Jadagu, Abraham Alexander, Blondshell, Ben Folds, and more!

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Hear Together Feedback Survey

Hear Together Feedback

Which of these categories best describe your organization?
How did you hear about our public service programming? (Community Connections, Hear Together, Culture Connections)

What were you hoping to get the word out about when you came to us? (please check all that apply)
Was your Community Connection or Hear Together a successful tool for spreading the word about your organization?

We know firsthand that we are lucky enough to have the kind of listeners that are always looking for ways to give back. Thank you for choosing them as an audience you wanted to reach. What made you decide to record with WNRN? (please check any that apply)
Which of these does your organization use as a way to reach people?

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Friday Cheers 2023

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