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WNRN is pleased to bring you World Cafe weeknights from 6-8 p.m. World Cafe is known by artists, appreciative audiences, and the radio and music industries as an influential source for music discovery. The two-hour daily program features a mix of artist interviews with in-studio performances by both established and emerging artists. The music selection encompasses singer-songwriters, classic rock, indie rock, Americana, alt-country, blues, world music, R&B and soul. As the nation’s most listened-to public radio music program, its impact on the careers and audience awareness of thousands of artists is immeasurable.

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The Hives on World Cafe

The Hives have returned. The outlandish and skilled Swedish rock band swear they are back for good, after a nearly 10 year pause between albums. Their latest, The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons, is filled with arena-sized choruses, razor sharp riffs, and delightfully goofy lyrics, including a song with a quadruple negative. The Hives join us to explain why the world needs them now more than ever, on the next World Cafe.

Encore: Brandy Clark on World Cafe

Brandy Clark has written songs for some of country music’s biggest names: from Kacey Musgraves to Reba McEntire to Keith Urban. But on her new self-titled album, Clark was writing for herself. On the next World Cafe, Clark talks about crafting her multi-Grammy nominated record with the production help of another Brandi: Brandi Carlile. Plus, Clark talks about storytelling, writing for country versus Americana fans and her Tony Award-nominated Broadway show.

AmericanaFest Mini Concert feat. Cat Clyde and Adeem the Artist on World Cafe

World Cafe is bringing you intimate performances from the legendary Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, recorded during AmericanaFest earlier this Fall. This week, Cat Clyde performs songs from her latest album, Down Rounder, which was recorded in only one week! That’s followed by a mini concert from Adeem the Artist, whose eighth album, White Trash Revelry, tackles themes of privilege, race, and toxic masculinity. Live music from AmericanaFest 2023, coming up on the next World Cafe.

Geddy Lee on World Cafe

On the next World Cafe, Rush frontman and bassist Geddy Lee joins us to talk about his new memoir, “My Effin Life.” From the time he was booted out of Rush early on, to nearly scrapping their biggest hit, “Tom Sawyer”, Lee will tell stories from the book, including why he devoted a chapter to his parents, who were both holocaust survivors that met in a prison camp during World War II. It’s Geddy Lee, on the next World Cafe.

Olivia Rodrigo on World Cafe

When Olivia Rodrigo broke through in 2021 with her massively successful debut single “Driver’s License”, it might have looked like an overnight success. But her record-breaking, multi-Grammy winning debut album had years of practice behind it. Olivia Rodrigo talks about performing as a youngster, about fame, and about writing and recording her sophomore album, GUTS, on the next World Cafe.

Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Special on World Cafe

They can throw, they can catch, they can tackle – and? They can SING! The Philadelphia Eagles have released their second holiday album, called A Philly Special Christmas Special. Produced by Charlie Hall of The War on Drugs, the record features Eagles offensive linemen Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Jordan Mailata plus a slew of very special guests. Tune in to hear Charlie Hall and Jordan Mailata talk about Christmas spirit, how playing football compares to recording in the studio, and which guest singer gave Jordan stage fright. GO BIRDS! That’s on the next World Cafe.