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WNRN is pleased to bring you World Cafe weeknights from 6-8 p.m. World Cafe is known by artists, appreciative audiences, and the radio and music industries as an influential source for music discovery. The two-hour daily program features a mix of artist interviews with in-studio performances by both established and emerging artists. The music selection encompasses singer-songwriters, classic rock, indie rock, Americana, alt-country, blues, world music, R&B and soul. As the nation’s most listened-to public radio music program, its impact on the careers and audience awareness of thousands of artists is immeasurable.

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Encore: Mavis Staples on World Cafe

At 85 years old, Mavis Staples is still singing songs with messages of hope and justice. On the next World Cafe, hear an interview from the archives in honor of her birthday earlier this month. Mavis tells stories about her long friendship with Aretha Franklin, working with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and writing songs that Dr. Martin Luther King used at Civil Rights rallies.

Reyna Tropical on World Cafe

When Fabi Reyna of Reyna Tropical unexpectedly lost her musical partner, Nectali “Sumohair” Diaz, she wasn’t sure if the band they’d started together would continue. Instead, Reyna poured her grief and love for her bandmate into the music they had been making. On the next World Cafe. Reyna joins us to talk about recording Reyna Tropical’s debut album, Malegria, plus the band performs live.

Encore: Scott McMicken on World Cafe

Scott McMicken had been working alone on his debut solo album for over a year and a half, when he realized something was missing. So, McMicken tried something radically different: He drafted a roster of musicians he’d never worked with before. That leap of faith resulted in a project called Scott McMicken and the Ever-Expanding. He joins us on the next World Cafe to explain why it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

Encore: Clairo on World Cafe

Clairo was a senior in high school when she shot a music video for her song “Pretty Girl” in her bedroom and uploaded it to YouTube where it has racked up over 100-million views. Since then, Clairo has released three full-length albums and has toured with artists like Tame Impala. Clairo performs and tells stories about her life and career on the next World Cafe.

Red Clay Strays Mini Concert on World Cafe

When The Red Clay Strays’ song “Wondering Why” was released in 2022, it started as a TikTok sensation before becoming a mainstream hit, and had the band from Mobile, Alabama moving to bigger venues as their tour dates rapidly sold out. The Red Clay Strays are about to release their second album later this month and they perform a live mini concert with old and new music, on the next World Cafe.

Ani DiFranco on World Cafe

Right now, it is good to be Ani DiFranco. She just finished a run on the Tony award winning musical “Hadestown”, is the subject of a new documentary, “1-800-On-Her-Own” and just released her 22nd album. DiFranco joins World Cafe to talk about working with a producer for the first time in her career, and why performing on Broadway is nothing like playing a concert.