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Hear Together

WNRN’s commitment to being a voice for our community extends to sharing the real issues facing us and helping to identify ways to get involved and make a difference.

Through our “Hear Together” profiles, which run during regular programming on our station, we hope to shed light on the issues that face our area and inspire awareness and action. Each piece is a way to spotlight the work of the countless non-profits and volunteers that work tirelessly to improve the lives of people in our area.

We hope by helping identify the ways to address them that we can enrich lives and make a lasting impact. “Hear Together” is just one way that WNRN is committed to making a lasting difference.

Hear Together Profiles and Updates

Hear Together: Tech for Troops

Tech for Troops is a Richmond-based nonprofit serving veterans in Virginia and beyond. They accept donations of electronics like servers, routers, drones, cameras, desktops, and

Hear Together: Giving Words

Giving Words is a nonprofit that facilitates access to transportation by gifting cars and providing car repairs at little to no cost for single parents

Hear Together: Art for the Journey

Art for the Journey is a Richmond-based nonprofit that aims to transform lives through art and community. Comprised of a group of artists and volunteers,

Hear Together: Circles Ashland

Circles Ashland nurtures reciprocal relationships that transform communities. Their model is to lift people out of poverty and help in any way they can. Circles Ashland refers to their program participants as leaders: those who want to make a change in their lives, whether that means getting a college degree, GED, or a better job.

Hear Together: Innisfree Village

Innisfree Village is home to vegetable gardens, farmhouses dating back to 1971, and vast expanses of land that allows for adults with developmental disabilities to find long-term housing in a safe community.

Hear Together: Light House Studio

For more than 20 years, Light House Studio has been equipping students with the skills and confidence to tell their stories and build community through

Hear Together: The Read Center

Most of the time, when people hear about services for literacy they assume they are only for children. However, The Read Center serves individuals ages

Hear Together: Foxfield Races

The Foxfield Races have been an integral part of Albemarle County since 1978. Mrs. Tejeda, the property’s original owner, wanted to ensure that the space

Hear Together Sponsors and Supporters

Hear Together is also presented with support from: Inez Bishop Duff Charitable Trust, Mitford Children’s Foundation, BamaWorks, City of Charlottesville via ABRT, and the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.