Sunny War

Sunny War In-Studio Session

Surrounded by historic guitars, WNRN Members, and art pieces featuring the guitar from the early 19th century to present day, Sunny War took a seat within The Virginia Museum of Fine Art to play a few songs and discuss her latest album, Anarchist Gospel, with Desiré Moses.



2023-03-22T15:08:22-04:00March 9th, 2023|

Sunny War on World Cafe

Friday, February 23 at 6pm

The latest album from Tennessee-based musician Sunny War is a glorious mashup of punk, blues, rock, and gospel. The virtuoso blues guitarist talks about the difficult period she was going through while making Anarchist Gospel and what it’s been like moving to Chattanooga from Los Angeles. Plus, Sunny War performs live, on the next World Cafe.

2023-02-20T14:00:22-05:00February 23rd, 2023|