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Culture Connection

Culture Connection takes a light survey of the upcoming arts and cultural events going on in the region to spotlight for our listeners. The feature shares event details that have been chosen and read for our listeners by Hanna Lynch, in loving memory of WNRN’s >Culture Monkey, Beryl Solla. 

Beryl Solla was Chairperson of the art department and gallery curator at PVCC. She taught there for ten years and previously taught at JMU and Barry University, in Miami. She received her MFA from the University of Miami and has made various large-scale public tile projects for the past twenty-five years. Beryl was an active member in various organizations including Piedmont Council for the Arts’ Cultural Planning Committee.

If you would like to submit an arts event that is coming up in the next month, email!

Community Connection: Wall Opportunities and Wishes (WoW)

Wall Opportunities and Wishes, also known as WOW, was recently awarded a grant from the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation to help adults with disabilities who need financial assistance for guardianship proceedings. 

Often times, the State will fund a Guardian Ad Litem – an attorney who represents the individual in court – but there are still costs for the petitioning attorney and court filing fees that someone with limited income may not be able to afford. Guardians are especially important when a person has no relatives to provide informed consent for services and necessary medical procedures. 

If you know an adult with a developmental or mental health disability who could use help with their guardianship costs, you can email or call (434) 660-0958.

Culture Connection: October 2nd – October 8th

The Branch Museum of Architecture & Design in Richmond is showing an exhibition titled “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”, a graphic design poster show tackling themes of gender-based inequality, discrimination, and violence.