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The live performances selected for In Studio at WNRN Volume 11 reflect the diversity in programming that WNRN is proud to bring to you on the airwaves every day. Volume 11 includes a wide range of sounds, genres, artists, and venues spanning Charlottesville, Richmond, and Lynchburg. You’ll even hear an acoustic performance recorded outside at SXSW in Austin, TX.

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Album art by Steve Haske.

Track List

49 Winchester “Damn Darlin'” 3:52

Overcoats “New Suede Shoes” 2:46

Flipturn “Playground” 2:51

Rob Cheatham & Co. “I Never Threw Away My Radio” 3:51

Samia “Honey” 3:27

The Kody Norris Show “I Called Her Sunshine” 3:01

Metric “All Comes Crashing” 4:20

American Aquarium “Chicamacomico” 3:34

Courtney Marie Andrews “Loose Future” 3:41

Dogwood Tales “Hold You Again” 3:16

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers “Talkin’ To Myself” 2:36

Josh Ritter “For Your Soul” 2:13

Illiterate Light “Light Me Up” 4:11

Kenneka Cook “Drinking Spirits” 2:49

Thee Sacred Souls “Love is the Way” 3:22

Myron Elkins “Hands To Myself” 3:14

Tre. Charles “Lately.” 3:24

Angel Olsen “Dream Thing” 3:25

Goose “Hungersite” 4:19

Sports Team “The Drop” 3:08