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Hear Together: Art for the Journey

Art for the Journey is a Richmond-based nonprofit that aims to transform lives through art and community. Comprised of a group of artists and volunteers, the organization brings art classes to marginalized communities, including children who have experienced trauma, veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD, women incarcerated at the Virginia Correctional Facility for Women, and seniors living with dementia.

Art for the Journey provides certification in Opening Minds through Art (OMA), an award-winning, evidence-based, inter-generational art-making program developed by gerontologist Dr. Elizabeth Lokon. Through OMA, dementia patients are paired with students from Virginia Commonwealth University, who guide their senior partner through the process of creating abstract art.

WNRN spoke with Executive Director Cindy Paullin to learn more about the positive outcomes that Art for the Journey’s work has on well-being. You can listen at the audio link below and learn more on Art for the Journey’s website.