Evergreen Membership at WNRN

Becoming an Evergreen monthly giver puts more of your dollars toward the programming you rely on. Without renewal notices and calling into each fund drive, more of your donation supports the station, and increases your impact.  As an Evergreen Member, you will help to

  • Keep WNRN funded, functioning and growing.
  • Save the station thousands in administrative costs.
  • Shorten WNRN’s on-air fund drives.

It’s easier. WNRN will automatically deduct your contribution from your credit card or checking account, which means no reminders from us. We spend less of your contribution on postage and paper and more on supporting the music you love. Plus, all the benefits that come with being a donor remain yours to enjoy, including thank-you gifts and invitations to special events.

It Saves Us Both. With lower administrative expenses, our fundraising dollars can better support our mission. Spreading your contributions through monthly gifts is easier on your budget. Being able to rely on a steady stream of Evergreen support has helped us shorten fund drives and could help further shorten them.

Become an Evergreen Member:

    1. Choose the monthly gift that’s right for you.
    2. Click “Create a Payment Plan” to make your gifts continuous.
    3. Select your credit card or your checking account for.
    4. Click here to begin your Evergreen Membership

If your life changes, you can choose to increase, decrease or suspend your monthly gift. All you have to do is call us at 434-971-4096 or email membership@wnrn.org.

Evergreen Benefits:

    1. Uninterrupted WNRN Membership and member benefits.
    2. Protecting the environment by letting us use less paper.
    3. Annual or semi-annual opportunities to select a new logo item or thank-you gift.
    4. Most importantly, the continued support of the radio station that you love.


    1. Do I need to renew my membership every year? No. We automatically renew your membership, and continue your monthly donation without interruption. You can contact us when your card is about to expire, so we can keep your payments continuing uninterrupted – just call 434-971-4096 or email us at membership@wnrn.org.
    2. Will I receive a Member Card? Yes. We’ll send you a card after receiving your first monthly gift. After that, you’ll receive a new card every six months or year, depending on your level of support.
    3. What about thank-you gifts? You can select a thank-you gift when you sign up. You are eligible to select a gift based on the amount you contribute over a 12-month period. Think of your monthly gift as an annual bank. For instance, if you contribute $10 each month, you are eligible for two $5 gifts each year. This bank resets each year. We will contact you before each fund drive for which you are eligible for a new gift.
    4. Can I make extra donations? Yes! WNRN welcomes as much support as you are able to contribute, and we greatly value any donation you  make.
    5. What if I need to change the amount I’m donating? No problem. You are welcome to increase, decrease or stop your monthly donations at any time. Contact us at 434-971-4096 or email us at membership@wnrn.org to change your plan.
    6. How do I update my credit card number? Just call 434-971-4096 or email membership@wnrn.org with your phone number.  Don’t email your new number to us, though – we can’t guarantee the security of your information over email.
    7. What if I need to suspend or cancel payments for a little while? Also not a problem. Email or call us and let us know what you would like to do.
    8. Is my credit card or checking account information secure? Your information is completely safe and secure with WNRN. It is processed by Classy.org and you can review their privacy and security statement here.

Please contact our membership department by phone at (434) 971-4096 or by email at membership@wnrn.org with any questions.

Become an Evergreen Member now!