Thank you to everyone who submitted their Senior Year Mixtapes and yearbook photos!

Over the weekend, we counted down the songs that received the most Mixtape votes. If you missed the countdown on air, or want to continue basking in the glory days, you can find the full list on the Spotify playlist below.


And we’re happy to present the WNRN VIP Member Class of 2019:

WNRN Yearbook 2

PICTURED: (Top-down from Left to Right) Mike Long, Aaron Fabio, Miles Goosens, Liz Dooley, Melissa Creighton, Sharon Miller, Nancy and Bob Busick, Mark Ritter, Joseph Bruce, Steve Flora, Rodney Self, Brian Taylor, Bob Hess, Phillip Neil, Joe Sokohl


Untitled design (8)


PICTURED: (Top-down from Left to Right) Ellen Flaherty, Cindy Hicks, Dan Ray, Chris Bruce, Doyle Yarbrough, Chris Masill, Bill Bodine, Tom Kenney, Sarah Getzler

Untitled design (9)



PICTURED: (Top-down from Left to Right) Bob Mosolgo, Rosemary Minasian, Rebecca Kenney, Rebecca St. Clair, Rebecca Blanks, Paul Sweet, Patricia Marshall, Mariana Hess, Lola Yarbrough

Untitled design (11)

PICTURED: (Top-down from Left to Right) Erin Israel (left), Kathy Rehak, Ivey Glendon, Jes Cifizzari, Kim Grover, Keith Garbett

Untitled design (1)

PICTURED: (Top-down from Left to Right) Wendy Turley, Charles Ware, Mike Nichols, Clint Lees, Sharon Jo Miller, Jim Stewart, Caroline Mankins, Rebecca Frye

“Student Council” (a.k.a WNRN’s Staff)


Untitled design (5)

Untitled design (6)

PICTURED: (Top- Down from Left to Right) Betsy Gardner, Ian Solla- Yates, Tad Abbey, Melissa Goode, Anne Williams, Virginia Kenney

Listen to our “Student Council”‘s playlist here: