Promoting his 12th studio album, Down in the Den, Ted Russell Kamp joins WNRN for a Home Studio Session, sharing three songs off of the new album: the apologetic tune ‘My Turn to Cry’ and live Home Studio Session versions of songs ‘Stick With Me,’ a thoughtful John Prine-esque ballad, and ‘Home Sweet Hollywood,’ written “tongue and cheek,” in Kamp’s words about his time in Los Angeles with Shooter Jennings.


Kamp’s new album was named for his converted garage-home studio where much of the album was recorded. Like his previous albums it was largely self-produced, something Kamp describes as a style he has always been fond of. He goes on to explain the inspiration of “the Den,” as well as the mood of his latest work: “It became my place of solace, (it’s) the place where I not only work on music that I want for soul food but also where I do a lot of producing for other people’s records… I deliberately wanted it to feel like a place of comfort… I thought it had a cool, intimate feel as an album title and as a place to record.”


In addition to his new studio album, Kamp has also recently celebrated his first Grammy award for his contribution to Tanya Tucker’s album While I’m Livin,’ which won Country Album of the Year. Kamp spoke on the feeling of gratification for the recognition he received, saying, “After all the heart, drive, and passion that I try to put into all the music I make, it’s pretty great to have one of these recording sessions, which really was a magical session… get the respect it does. To then get a Grammy for it is pretty wonderful.” 


In his 25th year in the music industry, Kamp continues to evolve as an artist, songwriter, and producer. With his latest collection, he brings a unique intimacy that feels as though it could be produced nowhere else but “the Den.” 

Jacob Collier