In October, Dawes will release their seventh studio album, Good Luck With Whatever. Guitarist and vocalist Taylor Goldsmith explains how recording in the legendary RCA Studio A in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb helped him to step it up on this new record.

“It was important to me that I sang with the band and that I played with the band, and that I could be depended on by Dave and the band,” says Goldsmith. “So, the room definitely loomed large for us in that sense.”

While recording in the same space as artists like Dolly Parton once did, Goldsmith grapples with feelings of growing older while still feeling like a child inside. On top of that, a lot of the songs deal with emotional maturity and how it affects every aspect of one’s life.

“I’m in a band with my best friends and my brother, I mean that’s something you associate with teenagers,” says Goldsmith. “And in a way we’ve been able to nurture that spirit. When I’m around them I feel like we’re all a bunch of teenagers.”

“St. Augustine at Night” reflects over how life seems to pass everyone by, while maintaining a connection to one’s hometown. Like some of their past albums, the title Good Luck With Whatever represents that same duality that is up for interpretation.

Dawes’ new album Good Luck With Whatever is out on October 2 on Rounder Records. Listen to the full Home Studio Session here.