Sondre Lerche’s newest album is appropriately titled Patience, reflecting his diligence in producing it, as well as his plea to fans who have been eagerly awaiting the new album. Lerche worked on this record for the past seven years, but the wait has been worth it as Lerche creates a lush, expansive world  on this intricate new collection.

 “I couldn’t have predicted what time in human history I would be releasing this record,” said Lerche. “I decided on the title four years ago, that it was gonna be called Patience. Then I worked towards that sort of mantra, and I decided what’s Patience worthy, what songs belong in this state of mind. But of course, I had no idea about just how patient we were going to have to be, and just how patient especially you guys in America are still needing to be.”

Patience is the third piece in a trilogy of Lerche’s work, following Please and Pleasure, released in 2014 and 2017 respectively.. By thinking conceptually, Lerche has been able to form essential themes and visuals within his work. 

 “I just like creating little connections between songs and between albums,” said Lerche. “A lot of that just happens as you go along. I didn’t set out to make a trilogy when I released Please in 2014. It just felt like one thing overlaps and leads to something else, and there’s a connection there, and it sort of helps me decide what songs really feel most essential.”

Lerche’s releases have all been about waiting for the right moment, which sometimes might even take seven years. But luckily, the next right moment might be sooner than the last, as Lerche has already felt new songs coming in the past few months. He has been inspired by the response of Patience, and the thrill of performing solo shows in Norway. He is considering “miniature” songs where he can continue the themes of Patience and minimalism.

Lerche produced the record in Norway and has been playing it there, but unfortunately America will still have to embody more patience before hearing it live. Until then, fans can listen to the entirety of the album, which is out now.

By Madison McNamee