On their latest installment in the Gleam series, Seth and Scott Avett take The Third Gleam on a wonderfully personal journey back to the early days of their career. In this Home Studio Session, Scott Avett talks about how his work as a visual artist helped him better understand the power of music to transform private moments into universal feelings.

“It’s taking as personal and intimate –if not spiritual– moments and putting them on a big stage and sharing them in a big way,” says Avett.

Working again with bassist Bob Crawford, the trio behind The Third Gleam is a huge step back from the group’s usual 10+ members.

“In an attempt not to let them get too meddled with and too far developed it sort of just calls for less people,” says Avett. “So, it’s easy to look at it and say, ‘You know, it doesn’t really need a lot of personnel.’”

The idea of The Gleam reflects this sonically, which Scott explains is “like a little reflection or a flickering light after a big occurrence.”

“Sometimes it’s a night in the hospital that you didn’t expect. Sometimes it’s a huge celebration on stage with thousands of people. But they all end with me and myself. Or you and yourself. You know, just alone,” says Avett.

Though recorded prior to the year of its release, The Third Gleam is the Avett Brothers’ timely offering of light in an otherwise dark setting.