Nicole Atkins’ latest album Italian Ice is titled to reference her Sicilian roots and the sweeter parts of life. Atkins’ goal for the album was simply to produce something to make her feel better. 

“I want to listen to something that can, like, kind of take me away” said Atkins. “So, when I think about what takes me away, the Jersey Shore boardwalk in the summer. When I was growing up, everybody had their boomboxes. We got the radio stations from Philly, and the radio stations from New York and Jersey and it was just like this big mish mosh of punk rock and oldies and Philly soul.”

The “mish mosh” Atkins grew up with mirrors the combination of diverse musicians featured on her album, which includes members of soul revivalists The Dap-Kings, rockers Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and soul icons Spooner Oldham and David Hood from the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. The eclectic group of musicians came together through several twists of fate as Atkins details in this Home Studio Session, calling it an album of serendipity. 

“I knew it was gonna work just because everybody individually was so good at what they do” said Atkins. “It doesn’t really matter about genres or style, if you’re good at what you do, usually no matter what band you’re in, you listen to a lot of music.”

Despite being recorded among the decidedly vintage vibes in Muscle Shoals, Alabama Italian Ice manages to highlight some modern textures as well. Atkins said she has no interest in creating a “tribute album,” and thisunique sonic blend of old and new is prominent on tracks like “Domino,” where  her individuality shines through in a room full of creators.

 The album was made as a vacation for your mind, and Atkins provides just that with the feel-good vibes on. Italian Ice. The album is out now and available for whenever you feel the need to be transported to the beach.


By Madison McNamee