Laura Veirs clearly knows how to make the best out of a situation. After divorcing from her husband, who also happened to be her music producer, Veirs found an opportunity for a creative rebirth. 

Every album she has ever done represents a different piece of her life. Each album is like a timestamp, and her latest album My Echo reflects the hardships of this past year. It has a lot of escapism, but it also embodies the pain of Veir’s divorce. 

“I want to be thoughtful and poetic, but I also want to be real and tell my authentic story,” Viers said. “It was almost like my subconscious mind knew about things breaking down before I wanted to admit that they actually were.”

Poetry has been a lot of the inspiration for Veirs’ work. She is a part of a poetry group and a lot of the songs on the album started as poems. Viers views poetry as a way for an abstract impressionist style for lyric writing. 

My Echo comes out October 23, but Veirs has already written another album. While My Echo reveals the disintegration of her family life, Veirs is excited to share the stories on her next album. Quarantine has allowed her time to focus on herself and move on to the better.

“I’m kind of grateful I don’t have to play the songs like 500 million times on the road,” Viers said. “I’ve already written a new record, like I’m excited to go play the next record.”

 Veirs has been recording the next album all by herself. She doesn’t have any time limits on it, but she is hoping it will be out in the next year. The album will be a sort of transformation from an old life, to this new life of hers. Luckily, the wait for My Echo is much shorter and it will be out soon.

By Madison McNamee