While many artists chose to delay album releases in the wake of COVID-19, British singer-songwriter Laura Marling made the unorthodox decision to release Song For Our Daughter four months ahead of schedule.

In this Home Studio Session she talks about that decision and the album’s message of resilience directed towards Marling’s fictional daughter, who functions as a stand in for her younger self.

“Diplomacy is the only really useful tool I’ve had, says Marling. ”

Having worked in the music industry since 16, she stresses the importance of independence in healing the wounds of womanhood in society, both in life and in song. She’s currently studying for her masters degree in psychoanalysis, which shines through her songwriting on her new album.

“Why should I die so you can live?” sings Marling on the album’s opening track, “Alexandra”. She tells us about how she wrote the first track in the studio without the careful planning that went into all of the other tracks. The stripped-back and simple production gives room to allow Marling’s voice and writing to shine through, making the album one of her most beautiful, sincere, and comforting bodies of work yet. -Logan Roddy