Katie Pruitt’s debut album Expectations was just released this spring, but her musical experience dates all the way back to childhood, where she grew up singing in church with her mom, who also taught her the basics of guitar, and then also listening to bands like the Eagles with her dad, and this blend of styles is evident on her music, which broadly fits in the Americana category, but features elements of indie rock, folk, and even a country vibe, perhaps influenced by Pruitt’s current home base of Nashville. Rather than use a genre, Pruitt however, prefers to call it simply a songwriter record.

“I think it has elements of a little bit of everything I listen to,” said Pruitt. “I would classify it probably as a songwriter record. I wanted to kind of showcase all of these different genres in one record and I feel like I sort of accomplished that. I just didn’t want to box myself in as a country writer.”

 The coming together of different sounds on the album parallels the coming together of Pruitt’s Nashville community. Right before the pandemic, Nashville was unfortunately hit by a brutal tornado in early March and Pruitt talked about participating in benefit concerts for her community.a

 “There was this kind of this silver lining in the fact that I felt the entire community coming together,” said Pruitt. “And not just for those benefit shows, I mean people were having barbecues outside of restaurants that were kind of hit by it and people were going over to neighborhoods and helping clear trees.”

Nashville might have gotten an earlier listen on Pruitt’s work, but her album Expectations is out now everywhere. It features fun, upbeat songs, folk energy, impressive guitar riffs and even a song written for Pruitt’s parents, but will touch many.

By Madison McNamee