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In-Studio Session With The Kody Norris Show

WNRN Members were able to get a taste of Bluegrass Sunday Morning on Saturday as The Kody Norris Show played a few tunes for us at David Wax Museum's Studio Barn. Tune in Sunday, [...]

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Sunny War In-Studio Session

Surrounded by historic guitars, WNRN Members, and art pieces featuring the guitar from the early 19th century to present day, Sunny War took a seat within The Virginia Museum of Fine Art to play [...]

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Aaron Raitiere

Aaron Raitiere – Cold Soup

Aaron Raitiere – Single Wide Dreamer

Aaron Raitiere – Everybody Else

Abraham Alexander

Abraham Alexander – Bella Dawn 

Abraham Alexander – Stay

Adam’s Plastic Pond 

Adam’s Plastic Pond – Shakedown Street    

Adia Victoria 

Adia Victoria – The Devil is a Lie  

Adia Victoria – Heathen  

Adia Victoria – Different Kind of Love 

American Aquarium

American Aquarium – Full Session

American Aquarium – The First Year

American Aquarium – Chicamacomico

American Aquarium – Waking up the Echoes

Angel Olsen 

Angel Olsen – This Is How It Works

Angel Olsen – Dream Thing

Avett Brothers 

Avett Brothers – Victory  

Avett Brothers – Back Into The Light   


Beabadoobee – Care

Beabadoobee – Coffee

Beabadoobee – See You Soon


Benét – Funny

Benét – Missing Out

BJ Barham 

BJ Barham – Unfortunate Kind 

BJ Barham – The World In on Fire 

BJ Barham – One Day at a Time 

Blue Highway 

Blue Highway – Keen Mountain Prison  

Blue Highway – Both Ends of the Train 

Bonny Light Horseman

Bonny Light Horseman – Full Session

Bonny Light Horseman – 10,000 Miles

Bonny Light Horseman – The Roving

Bonny Light Horseman – California

Brandy Clark 

Brandy Clark – Bigger Boat

Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run

Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run – Which Way Does Pain Run

Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run – Katydid

Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run – Camille

Calexico and Iron & Wine 

Calexico and Iron & Wine – Years to Burn 

Calexico and Iron & Wine – Father Mountain 

Chamomile and Whisky 

Chamomile and Whiskey – Divine Lorraine  

Charles Wesley Godwin

Charles Wesley Godwin – Lyin’ Low

Charlottesville Ballet  

Charlottesville Ballet – Darkstar 

Chris Smither

Chris Smither – Maybellene

Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews – Full Session

Courtney Marie Andrews – Loose Future

Courtney Marie Andrews – Satellite

Courtney Marie Andrews – These Are the Good Old Days

The Currys 

The Currys – Gulf Coast Home  

The Currys – Pin You Down 

The Currys – Soon Enough 

Curtis Salgado 

Curtis Salgado – Hail Mighty Ceasar

David Wax Museum 

David Wax Museum- Full Session   

David Wax Museum -Standing on the Moon  

David Wax Museum – Equal In The Darkness 

Deau Eyes

Deau Eyes – Dear Young Love

Deau Eyes – Parallel Time 

Deau Eyes – Legacies

Deau Eyes – Blue Christmas

Deau Eyes – Miner and Raven

Deau Eyes – Haven’t You Had Quite Enough

Deau Eyes – Some Do

Deau Eyes – When 

Deau Eyes – New Speedway Boogie  

Delta Spirit  

Delta Spirit – The Pressure   

Delta Spirit – Home Again  

Delta Spirit – It Ain’t Easy 

Delta Spirit – Full Studio Session   

The Devil Makes Three 

The Devil Makes Three – This Life 

The Devil Makes Three – Deep Down 

Dogwood Tales

Dogwood Tales – Full Session

Dogwood Tales – Hold You Again

Dogwood Tales – 25

Dogwood Tales – No Use

Dogwood Tales – Hold You Again

Dogwood Tales – Christmastime is Here

Dogwood Tales – No Use

Dogwood Tales – Since Yesterday

Dogwood Tales – 13 Summers 13 Falls

Dogwood Tales – 25

Dogwood Tales – Hard to be Anywhere 

Dogwood Tales – On The Other Side 

Dogwood Tales – Riding Horses  

Dogwood Tales – Spiritless Machine  


Ellis – Full Studio Session  

Emily Nenni

Emily Nenni – Long Game

Emily Nenni – Can Chaser

Emily Nenni – On The Ranch

Erin & The Wildfire    

Erin & The Wildfire – Shakedown Street 

Esther Rose 

Esther Rose – Handyman 

Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito – Highest Bidder & Oh Betty

Fruit Bats 

Fruit Bats – Ocean 

Fruit Bats – Gold Past Life 

Fruit Bats – The Bottom Of It 

Gold Connections 

Gold Connections – Friend of the Devil  

Good Dog Nigel

Good Dog Nigel – My Whole Life 

Good Dog Nigel – Strawberries

Hackensaw Boys

Hackensaw Boys – Past Unloving Eyes

Hackensaw Boys – Come on Baby, Don’t Bet Against Me

Hackensaw Boys – Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Hackensaw Boys – Only On the Bright Side

Hackensaw Boys – The Weights

Hackensaw Boys – Mary Shelley

The Head & The Heart

The Head & The Heart (John Russell) – Full Session

The Head & The Heart (John Russell) – Every Shade of Blue

Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger – Sanctuary

Hiss Golden Messenger – If It Comes In The Morning 


Houndmouth – Good For You 

Houndmouth – Ohio

Illiterate Light

Illiterate Light – Paint The Town

Illiterate Light – Heaven Bends

Illiterate Light – F**k LA

Illiterate Light – February 1st

Illiterate Light – Light Me Up 

Illiterate Light – “In the Ground”  

Devon Gilfillian x Illiterate Light – Freedom  

Jeff Gorman (Illiterate Light) – Sometimes Love Takes So Long  

Illiterate Light – Sometime Love Takes So Long  

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast – Full Session

Japanese Breakfast – Be Sweet

Japanese Breakfast – Kokomo, IN

Japenese Breakfast – Slide Tackle 

Jarron Dickenson 

Jarrod Dickenson – Prefer to Lose

Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale – Memory

Jim Lauderdale – That Kind of Life (That Kind of Day)

Jim Lauderdale – We’re All We Got 

Jon Russel  

Jon Russell (The Head and the Heart) – Peggy O 

Keller Williams 

Keller Williams – Scarlet Begonias   

Kenneka Cook

Kenneka Cook – Full Session

Kenneka Cook – The Beauty of Becoming 

Kenneka Cook – Janice

Kenneka Cook – Sleigh Ride

Kenneka Cook – Drinking Spirits

Kenneka Cook – Significant Figure

Kenny Roby 

Kenny Roby – Don’t Ya Know What’s on My Mind  

Kendall Street Company 

Kendall Street Company – Friend of the Devil  

Kurt Vile 

Kurt Vile – Full Session

Kurt Vile – How Lucky

Kurt Vile – Flyin (Like a Fast Train)

Kurt Vile – Bassackwards

L.A. Dies 

L.A. Dies – Box of Rain  

L.A. Dies – New

Lael Neale 

Lael Neale – For No One For Now

Lael Neale – Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses

Lake Street Dive 

Lake Street Dive – Being A Woman   

Lake Street Dive- Same Old News 

Lake Street Dive – Hypotheticals   

Larry Keel 

Larry Keel – Ramble On Rose   

Leftover Salmon 

Leftover Salmon – Flying At Night

Leftover Salmon – Brand New Good Old Days

Lo Moon

Lo Moon – Full Session

Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson – Tooth and Nail 

Lord Nelson – Country Desperation

Madison Cunningham

Madison Cunningham – Full Session

Madison Cunningham – Life According to Raechel

Madison Cunningham – Hospital

Madison Cunningham – All I’ve Ever Known 

Madison Cunningham – Pin It Down  

Madison Cunningham – Trouble Found Me 

Magdalena Bay 

Magdalena Bay – Full Studio Session     

Manchester Orchestra   

Manchester Orchestra – Bedhead 

Manchester Orchestra – The Gold  

Matthew E. White

Matthew E. White – Full Session

Matthew E. White – Judy

Matthew E. White – Hedged in Darkness

Matthew E. White – Nested

Matthew E. White – Electric

Matthew E. White – Genuine Hesitation


Metric – Full Session 

Metric – All Comes Crashing

Metric – Live it Out

Metric – Dark Saturday

Michaela Anne 

Michaela Anne – Runaway With Me  

Michaela Anne – By Our Design   

Minor Poet 

Minor Poet – Rubin and Cherise  

Minor Poet – Museum District 

Minor Poet – Tropic of Cancer 

Myron Elkins

Myron Elkins – Good Time Girl

Myron Elkins – Hands to Myself

Myron Elkins – Mister Breadwinner

Nada Surf 

Nada Surf – So Much Love  

Nan Macmillan 

Nan Macmillan – How Many Miles  

Neal Francis

Neal Francis – Full Session

Neal Francis – Problems

Neal Francis – Prometheus

Neal Francis – Can’t Stop the Rain 

New Potato Caboose

New Potato Caboose – Brave New World

New Potato Caboose – Weed


Overcoats – Full Studio Session  


Phosphorescent – C’est La Vie  

Phosphorescent – New Birth In New England 

The Record Company

The Record Company – Paradise

The Record Company – How High

River Whyless

River Whyless – Fast Like a Match

River Whyless – Michigan Cherry

River Whyless – Oil Skin

Rob Cheatham & Co.

Rob Cheatham & Co. – Full Session

Rob Cheatham & Co. – Overcoat

Rob Cheatham & Co. – Christmas All Over Again

Rob Cheatham & Co. – I Never Threw Away My Radio

Rob Cheatham & Co. – No More Roses

Rob Cheatham & Co. – The Gift of Getting Through

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley – Brown Eyed Women

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley – Livin’ in a Song

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley – Mama Tried

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever 

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talking Straight  

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – She’s There  

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Cars In Space 

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Full Session  

Ruston kelly 

Ruston Kelly – Full Session  

S. G. Goodman

S. G. Goodman – Red Bird Morning

S. G. Goodman – Space and Time

Sam Black 

Sam Black – Christmas in San Francisco        

Sam Bush

Sam Bush – In Tall Buildings

Sam Bush – A Simple Thing as Love

Sam Bush – I’m Still Here


Samia – Big Wheel   

Samia – Fit N Full  

Sammy Rae & The Friends

Sammy Rae & The Friends – Full Session

Sammy Rae & The Friends – Kick It Back To Me

Sammy Rae & The Friends – Follow Me Like The Moon

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Full Session 

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Talkin’ to Myself

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Good as Gold

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – It Doesn’t Change Anything

Saw Black

Saw Black – Boxing Day 

Saw Black – Christmas in Francisco

Saw Black – Christmas in the Background

Sean McConnell 

Sean McConnell – Queen of Saint Mary’s Choir  

Sean McConnell – Secondhand Smoke 

Sean McConnell – Here We Go                                 

Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe – Full Session

Sean Rowe – Squid Tattoo

Sean Rowe – I Won’t Run

Sean Rowe – Jolene

Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves – Full Session

Shakey Graves – Ready or Not

Shakey Graves – Kids These Days

Shakey Graves – Evergreen


Shinyribs – Christmas Time in Bossier City  

Shinyribs – Whoop and Hollar   

Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy – Full Session

Soccer Mommy – Bloodstream

Soccer Mommy – Gray Light

Soccer Mommy – Circle the Drain

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun

The Steel Wheels

The Steel Wheels – Adventures of Grace & Henry

The Steel Wheels – The Healer 

The Steel Wheels – Little Sadie   

Trent Wagler (The Steel Wheels) – When I Lived Underground 

Stray Fossa  

Stray Fossa- Diving Line  

Stray Fossa – It’s Nothing  


Susto – Be Gone From Me

Susto – Get Down

Suz Slezak

Suz Slezak – Loneliness is Measured

Thee Sacred Souls 

Thee Sacred Souls – Full Session

Thee Sacred Souls – Love Is The Way

Thee Sacred Souls – Easier Said Than Done

Thee Sacred Souls – Future Lover

Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars 

Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars – Franklin’s Tower   

Valerie June  

Valerie June – Call Me A Fool  

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno – Will You

Warren Haynes  

Warren Haynes – Patchwork Quilt  

Warren Haynes – Foresaken Savior  

Washed Out 

Washed Out – Time to Walk Away  

Washed Out – Too Late 

Will Overman 

Will Overman – Commonwealth Holiday Party 


Yola – Diamond Studded Shoes