The Indigo Girls’ fifteenth studio album, Look Long, is a focused look into the past, calling upon old friends and memories, revisiting untold stories, and remembering what they’ve learned over the duo’s 30+ year career.

The production of the album harkens back to their earlier work. They once again teamed with John Reynolds, who produced the Indigo Girls’ seventh studio album Come On Now Social in 1999, and they reunited with many of the same musicians from that album as well.

“It was heaven. You say you can’t go back, but we can always go back with them.”

From this album, two songs stand out in particular. The first is “Sorrow and Joy,” written in memory of Saliers’ younger sister who passed away at age 29. Saliers says that she had been unable to write about this event until now. The lyrics evoke images of their childhood, contemplating how those who die young will always remain so in one’s memory.

The second, “Change My Heart,” features lyrics with political undertones, speaking on Saliers’ “despair” for the current administration. The Indigo Girls have been vocal about political issues throughout their careers, showing support for gay rights, indigenous rights, climate change, and racial justice. And the present is no different: the Indigo girls stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests around the country, especially in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. In regards to her hometown, Saliers’ says:

“It’s a hard place to live because [of] what goes on, but it’s also an inspiring place to live.”

With Look Long, the Indigo Girls have continued their tradition of honesty, social consciousness–and it’s more relevant than ever.

-Claire Lin Jenkins