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Decade of Difference: Night Moves

Night Moves

Three high school friends came together in 2010 with the intent to form a band based on their shared interest in 70s rock and a desire to meld that with Americana. The three had played in various Minneapolis bands and chose a different path for developing the new band’s sound.

Rather than focus the new Night Moves on playing live constantly, they chose to practice and write in private. After months of practice, Night Moves released their first record online for free. It was a success, given that soon after the release they signed a record deal and their new label released a slightly reworked version of the record in traditional formats.

Expanded to a five piece group, Night Moves toured extensively in support of their first record before releasing a second in 2016 and a third in 2019. As with most musicians, the COVID pandemic forced a period of inactivity which Night Moves used to record an EP, now released. One big change for the band was the addition of outside influences on their creative process. For their first record it was all in house, with their record label taking the finished product and modifying to their taste for wider release.

On later releases, the label was involved from the start. John Paleant from the band says that it is “always a little messed up. But I mean it wasn’t like they were telling me what to write and stuff it was just like, “keep writing” and so it just kind of pushed me to explore these other areas of my kind of head space, my creative head space that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have done, you know? “