When Dan Croll dropped everything and left Liverpool with a one-way ticket to LA, he had no idea it would be in Richmond, VA where he would actually find his sound again. Croll produced his latest album Grand Plan at Spacebomb studio in Richmond, with Matthew E. White and the studio’s house band. 

Croll selected White for his album because of his relatability as a musician. Croll’s newer songs are more delicate than his previous work, so he wanted a new angle. He stumbled upon White’s name without knowing anything about Spacebomb, but decided to reach out anyway.

“It was all kind of just fate, I had no idea about Spacebomb,” Croll said. “The stars aligned and I learned about Spacebomb and all the incredible stuff they were doing there and before I knew it I was in Richmond.”

Meanwhile back on the West Coast, Croll struggled to connect with others. His song “So Dark” is about the transition and difficulty of making friends as an adult in a new place. Croll, with his dry English wit and blunt style of humor, was not an easy fit in the “sickly sweet” environment of LA. 

“I definitely feel like I wasn’t myself and it took a while,” Croll said. “It took a while to find these people who got that.”

Grand Plan captures Croll’s exploration of his 20s and the United States. From LA to Richmond and back, and all the struggles in between, Croll finally found his sound and people who get his humor. The soul in his album encapsulates the bitter sweetness of his journey and is relatable to many. Grand Plan is out now, and Croll will remain a name to watch.

By Madison MacNamee