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Culture Connection: October 9th – October 15th

The Staunton Augusta Art Center is showing work by Andrew Davis, titled “Laughing Picture” through October 28th. Davis uses surrealism and psychedelia to create a dreamlike world where images and symbols from modern times mix with ones from earlier historical decades.

In Charlottesville, the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia presents “Figure and Fable: Aesop through the Ages”, curated by Emma Dove, to be on display through the end of the year. The exhibit brings together different versions of Aesop’s Fables through the years into one multi-cultural and diverse collaboration.

In Hampton Roads, the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center Newport News Community Gallery is showing a series titled “The Newsstand” through October 28th. “The Newsstand” is a visual representation of everyday life through the use of newsprint, comic strips, and magazines.