Chuck Prophet’s newest release, The Land That Time Forgot, originally slated for May 13th and now coming August 21st, is a critical reexamination of the Bay Area which the singer-songwriter has proudly called home for over 30 years. The album seeks to capture a fast changing city where so many musicians have traditionally found their footing.

“We’re going through some real growing pains,” says Prophet. “And something’s gotta give.”

Prophet paints a rich picture of a range of characters, sometimes revisiting his own back pages for songs like “Nixonland,” where he recounts a fourth-grade field trip to the 37th president’s law office, only to have the curtain pulled back on the reality of the presidency in his later years.

“To this day when I think about that it’s almost like it was a dream. That’s our hard-earned tax dollars at work?”

Since the Moscone and Milk assassinations in 1978, Prophet has seen the highs and lows of San Francisco. With the growing wealth inequality that runs even into the music scene, he notices how such a historically vibrant city has struggled to keep its own clubs open.

“I’m struggling to make it all work, but I’m willing,” says Prophet.

This session closes with “Best Shirt On”, a bright and urgent reminder that despite what might be going on inside or outside, each day is important.

“You gotta get out of your pajamas, man!” says Prophet “You gotta put your best shirt on, you gotta suit up and face the day!”