Phish Phriday

Phish Phriday 5/13

For this Phish Phriday we bring it back to August 2017 where Phish performed a baker’s dozen run of shows at Madison Square Garden. From this run, we spotlight “Leaves,” performed 8/1/2017 on their 9th night, written by Tom Marshall. This week Tom Marshall met up with Tad Abbey and a group of WNRN members before jumping on stage with Charlottesville’s Kendal Street Company.

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Phish Phriday 4/8

This week, the Wayback Machine transports us to 1993, when Phish performed at the American Theater in St. Louis. Dubbed the “Roger Proposal” show when Trey Anastasio’s friend Roger Holloway opened the second set by proposing to his girlfriend onstage, the show was released on CD in 2017 as St. Louis ’93. Here is “Maze” from that show, today on Phish Phriday!


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Phish Phriday 3/18

This day in PHishtory, March 18, 1997, famed music lovers and dairy food aficionados, Ben & Jerry release a new concoction, Phish Food! Today marks the 25th anniversary of the concert that celebrated Phish Food’s release. We will transport you back to that show in 3 different vehicles, first today with “Cars Trucks Buses.”

Cars Trucks Buses

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